About DIITAL Education

DIITAL EDUCATION words itself suggest "Education for All" without any discrimination of caste, culture, religion, gender, status etc. DIITAL believes in humanity & respects all castes & religions of our great country.

The Organization Is Authorized Study Center of Ministry of MSME Govt. Of India, It's Work for Rural Skill Development Basically Computer Education and Communicative Skill Development. Our Certificate Is Valid In All Over India. We Deals In Computer Basic Education To Advance Computer Education And Specialization In Various Topic, School Computer Education, Government Project. We Provide Education With In The Rural Student Financial Limits.

DIITAL Education is a unique computer Learning Platform. It is established in 2011, DIITAL education is a leading educational company in technical educations. We offers more exceptional education and training courses which are integrated with a global level revolution in the technology. We believes in doubtless education for a bigger innovation, That's why , we have designed our course syllabus and structure of learning by our professional team members. We are constantly updating our system for a better education.

Computer institute franchise , authorization for computer coaching institute in village areas. If, you want start computer center or computer education institute , than become aour comp[uter education franchisee with low, small & minimum invest any where in india. Our computer institute franchisee offer in the best suitable option for you , because we provide franchisee computer center affiliation and study center affiliation with low fee all over india

 Franchise Minimum Required

DIITAL EDUCATION ( Durga Institution In Information Technology Advancement of Learning ) has been Certified/Licensed by Central Govt of India. Ministry of M S M E & Corporate Affairs (Govt. of India) , Registration Requirements/Procedure To Up-Start- Computer Education Center,Authorization /Affiliation /Franchise of DIITAL Education Minimum *3 to 5 Computers* required in prospective computer education franchise centre lab.

  • -> Minimum 100 to 200 Sq Feet Centre Area required.
  • -> Printer Required in prospective franchise computer education center lab.
  • -> Internet required in prospective franchise computer centre.
  • -> Nominal one time Center Affiliation Fee .

If you fulfill or going to fulfill all above mentioned computer institute registration requirements & want to know full Affiliation procedure, proposal of setting up, opening or starting new computer education study centre, computer center franchise fill up DIITAL Education new computer centre affiliation & computer centre franchise enquiry form, which is shown at bottom of this webpage.

Advantages or Benefits for New Computer Centre Franchise of DIITAL Education in India:

  • -> Our Registered Computer Center or Institute Franchisee shall have right to decide & prescribe own fee structure of courses (as per infrastructure facilities provided in center or Institute).
  • -> Computer Center franchise - shall have right to take admission & conduct examination as per prescribed session.
  • -> Computer Institute Franchise can conduct Examination in own computer education center.
  • -> Facility to conduct offline Examination.
  • -> Use of organization, national & internationally certified Brand Name.
  • -> Proper guidance to computer center franchise head for office management works.
  • -> Nominal or Low or affordable One time Computer Center Affiliation Fee for Centre.
  • -> Computer franchisee will get center startup kit (Includes Prospectus, Admission Form, eBook, Student ID Cards, Authorization Certificate etc.)
  • -> Advertisement through Internet (Online), ON COMPANY WEBSITE.
  • -> Easy & Fast Delivery of computer Diploma & Certificates to computer franchisee center.
  • -> Online Centre Registration Verification Facility.
  • -> Life Time Online Student Roll Number & Certificate Verification Facility.
  • -> Nominal & affordable one time registration fee of computer, vocational & teacher training courses per student paid to H.O. by "Registered Computer Institute Franchisee Center or institute head (Owner).
  • -> Computer franchise or affiliate will get co-participation in granted projects to DIITAL Education by Govt, NON Govt. of India Organization on National Level.