Privacy Policy

We Will Not Exchange or Sell Personal Information: DIITAL promises to not misuse or distribute personal details of those associated with us, be it students, franchisee or employees of training institutes for any commercial or any other purpose whatsoever without taking consent. Your data and details are safe with us.

Not Send Irrelevant Marketing Mailers: We will never send any irrelevant marketing mail on addresses provided by you for our personal commercial benefit

We will never sell your email addresses for personal gain

We Design Course: : Be it known to one and all that DIITAL is in the business of designing academic course modules with help of academic experts. The objective is to sell these modules to franchisee, who in turn use it to enroll and train students to further their professional career. DIITAL merely sells franchisee rights and does not make any claims to create jobs or place students after successful completion of course and certificate issuance.

Data Back-up: We have used every possible means and the most advanced technology to create data backup. However, we do not claim that nothing will ever go wrong. Being data saved on an electronic medium comes with its own set of risks and DIITAL does not rule out the possibility that data can be damaged or lost. We will try our level best and assure franchisee to obtain or re-furnish the data for you, but we do not promise or guarantee the same.